Run&Shoot Version 1.3 released

Main changes:

Sequential search

For quick search of a biathlete in different windows, for instance, in the window with races results, you need just to type a part of his last name or given name. As a result, the first sportsman whose last name or given name contain the line you specified, will be selected. In order to pass on to the next sportsman, corresponding to the search condition, just press F3, to go to the previous one — Shift+F3. If you have made a mistype just wait for 2 seconds and retype the line.

Interface changes

The biathletes comparison window now has a menu allowing to select the displayed statistics type. You can switch between the regimes of displaying places taken in races, shooting results and speed ranks separately or altogether. Besides, the tooltip now displays information on sportsmanís total distance time, his shooting time and skiing time. Screenshot